Moving or downsizing your office?

We’ve got space for all your office furniture, electronics, and equipment – whether you need temporary storage during a move or permanent storage after a downsize.

Delivery receivable service now available

Receive deliveries to your storage space, even when you’re not there. Simply leave a key on file so the delivery drivers can drop items off directly into your locker.

Dry and safe storage for your vehicle

Our large storage lockers are perfect for those with vehicles that they need to store.

De-clutter your home with seasonal storage

Safe storage for your winter tires, patio furniture, Christmas decorations, or other seasonal items.

Temperature controlled storage

Our superior technology ensures that your temperature sensitive items – such as wine, art, and antiques – stay at a consistent temperature.

Planning an extended trip?

If you are going on a long vacation, you may be renting out your home or leaving it in the hands of a house sitter. Put your valuables in storage for your own peace of mind.

Confidential shredding

Drop your documents off at our facility for confidential shredding at your convenience.

Kelowna self storage made easy!

Falcon Self Storage is your local Kelowna go to facility for storage locker rentals and much more.

For all of life’s moments, big and small, we ensure that you can access what you need, when you need it. Modern businesses require modern storage solutions. We’re here to make space work for you. Whether you are planning to store furniture and possessions, business or legal documents, a vehicle or cases of wine, the security and safety of your items while in storage at our facility is as important to us as it is to you.

We are Kelowna’s most environmentally friendly and state-of-the-art storage facility

The perfect size for any storage requirement

28 sq. ft.

4′ x 7′ Storage

Commonly used for storage of seasonal items or decluttering your home.

This small storage unit is ideal for individuals who want to declutter their homes. It is perfect for storing old Christmas decorations or boxes that are taking up too much space in your garage. If you’re also seeking to free up space in your shed, this unit can easily accommodate a lawn mower and gardening equipment while still leaving plenty of room.

  • Available on second floor only

25 sq. ft.

5′ x 5′ Storage

Commonly used for student storage, storage of seasonal items, or decluttering your home.

If you’re looking for a way to simplify and organize your living space, this small storage unit is the perfect solution. This compact size is designed to help you declutter your home by providing ample space for old Christmas decorations, miscellaneous boxes, home electronics, a twin mattress set, accessory furniture like end tables and nightstands, small appliances, seasonal clothing, documents/books, sporting equipment, and other items that are taking up too much room in your garage. Additionally, it’s an excellent option for those who need to clear out their shed, as it can comfortably accommodate a lawn mower and various gardening tools.

  • Available on first or second floor
  • Units with driveway access also available

50 sq. ft.

5′ x 10′ Storage

Commonly used to store medium sized furniture such as a loveseat, dresser, or kitchen table, or the contents of a single room or studio apartment.

This unit offers great capacity for bigger items like furniture and large appliances. In fact, it’s spacious enough to hold a bed frame, couch, and washing machine with plenty of extra room. It’s perfect for storing an entire bedroom, studio apartment, or office. The unit also features a 5-foot opening that provides better access to your belongings. If you need to store bikes or a motorcycle, this unit is also suitable for that purpose.

  • Available on first or second floor
  • Units with driveway access also available

75 sq. ft.

5′ x 15′ Storage

Commonly used to store larger furniture such as a sofa, bed, dresser, or kitchen table, or the contents of a small or studio apartment.

The available space in this unit is sufficient to accommodate the furnishings and appliances of a small apartment, loft, or studio apartment. You can comfortably store items such as bookshelves, coffee tables, bedside tables, and several large appliances. Moreover, this unit can also serve as a suitable storage option for businesses looking to store files. To make the most of the unit size, it is recommended that you pack the items you won’t need towards the back of the unit, leaving more space in the front for items you need to access frequently.

  • Available on first floor only
  • Units with driveway access also available

100 sq. ft.

10′ x 10′ Storage

Commonly used for storing the contents of a 1- or 2-bedroom apartment, temporary storage during home renovations, or for freeing up space in the garage.

This unit is half the size of a standard single car garage. With enough space to accommodate up to three rooms of items, two full bedrooms’ worth of furniture, or the furniture of a small apartment along with a couple of appliances, these units are highly versatile. Due to their square shape, they are also ideal for storing larger items, such as bulky furniture and grand pianos.

Examples of items that can be stored include dining sets, living room furniture, king bed sets, household appliances (such as washers, dryers, and refrigerators), business equipment, entertainment centres, flat-screen TVs, seasonal items, and recreational vehicles like ATVs or motorcycles.

  • Available on first or second floor
  • Units with driveway access also available

150 sq. ft.

10′ x 15′ Storage

Commonly used for storing the contents of 4 rooms or a 2- or 3-bedroom home, or for temporary storage during garage cleanup or residential moving.

At just slightly smaller than a typical one-car garage, this storage unit is the biggest of the medium-sized units. With ample space, it can easily accommodate the belongings of a 2- or 3-bedroom apartment, including three full bedrooms’ worth of furniture, and more substantial items like pianos, couches, tables, and large-screen TVs, as well as several medium- to large-sized boxes. If you’re looking to free up space in your garage or shed, these units are perfect for migrating their contents.

This unit can accommodate a variety of items, including a complete bedroom set with a king or queen mattress, and chests of drawers, sectional sofas, a dining room set, large household appliances such as washers, dryers, and refrigerators, a piano, extra business equipment, and additional supplies or inventory.

  • Available with driveway access only

200 sq. ft.

10′ x 20′ Storage

Commonly used for storing the contents of a 3-bedroom home, short-term storage during renovation projects, and long-term storage for business or of a vehicle.

If you’re currently in a transitional phase between homes and need a storage space for all your family’s belongings, then this storage unit, which is about the size of a single car garage, is an excellent option for you. It can easily accommodate roughly five rooms worth of items, including larger appliances such as washers, dryers, and refrigerators, as well as patio furniture, a king mattress set, exercise equipment, business inventory, large boxes and totes, and items on skids or pallets. Moreover, if you’re looking to store your vehicle alone, this unit provides ample space for a vehicle, several motorcycles, or bicycles.

  • Available on first or second floor
  • Units with driveway access also available

250 sq. ft.

10′ x 25′ Storage

Commonly used for storing the contents of a 3- or 4-bedroom house, temporary storage for home sales, and garage storage, including of a vehicle.

This unit is approximately the size of a spacious car garage, making it an excellent choice if you’re in transition from a larger house. It can effortlessly hold several large pieces of furniture, a big-screen TV, appliances, king mattress sets, dining room sets, over 200 boxes and totes, and heavy business equipment. Additionally, if you need to store a vehicle, multiple motorcycles, bicycles, or ATVs, this unit is a perfect option.

  • Available with driveway access only

300 sq. ft.

10′ x 30′ Storage

Commonly used for storing the contents of a 4- or 5-bedroom house, or a two-car garage, including a vehicle.

This unit is equivalent in size to a two-car garage and an excellent option if you’re moving or downsizing, as it can accommodate the contents of a large house. Additionally, if you need indoor storage for your boat, this unit is perfectly suited to your needs. It provides abundant space for storing canoes, jet skis, smaller row boats, heavy equipment, computer servers, conference tables, complete home furniture sets, sofas, sectionals, large appliances, exercise equipment, patio furniture, garage items, a small boat, or a large vehicle such as a van or pickup truck.

  • Available with driveway access only

Our advantage

Geothermal technology

Falcon Self Storage in Kelowna offers the exclusive experience of a green storage facility, powered by advanced Geothermal Technology. Experience storage units that remain cozy during winter and comfortably cool during summer. Notably, Falcon Self Storage is the only provider in Kelowna to offer temperature-controlled storage facilities.

Storage location details

Renting storage in Kelowna has never been easier! Our storage facility enjoys a prime location in Kelowna. It’s only a brief drive away from Orchard Park Shopping Center and a few minutes from Kelowna International Airport. With easy access from Hwy 97, reaching your storage items is a breeze. Enjoy the convenience of self storage right in your neighborhood!

Storage security details

At Falcon Self Storage, we prioritize your items’ safety with our 24/7 cutting-edge video surveillance system. Our Kelowna storage facility features secure perimeter fencing and a security coded gate, permitting access only to our clients. As each client is assigned an individual code and has their own lock and key, you are the only one who has access to your storage unit.

Fire safety in self storage

While incidents of fire at storage facilities are generally infrequent, we at Falcon Self Storage are well-prepared should the unexpected occur. Every storage unit within our facility is equipped with an individual sprinkler system under independent control. This means even if an issue arises in a different part of the facility, your belongings will stay protected and dry.

Accessibility features

Whether you need storage space for personal or business items, for a short or long period, Falcon Self Storage is your go-to solution. We offer flexible accessibility to your stored items for 15 hours a day, every day of the year, with extended hours available upon request. Our goal is to ensure you can conveniently access your belongings at a time that suits you best.

Storage facility features

Welcome to our state-of-the-art storage facility, explicitly designed to offer secure and safe self-storage. Renowned in Kelowna for being clean, modern, and managed by a dedicated, service-oriented team, our storage facilities aim to provide you with an unrivaled storage experience. With a host of features and amenities, we ensure your storage needs are not only met but exceeded.

Custom self storage spaces

A skilled carpenter is available to design and build custom shelving and fulfill other storage or organizational needs within your unit. This feature is ideal for those who need custom-built shelves for storing wine or any other delicate items that require careful storage. Contact us today to find the perfect storage unit, tailored to your needs, at a price that suits your budget!

Customer service

Whether you’re exploring self storage for the first time or have specific questions about Falcon Self Storage, our friendly staff is on hand to answer all your questions. File storage & retrieval are available for your office documents, business needs, tracking and convenience. We’re committed to providing a comprehensive self storage solution tailored to your needs.

Storage spaces & sizes

We offer a wide range of storage unit sizes to match your specific needs. Selecting the right size for your storage unit can be a challenge, but we’re here to guide you in determining the most suitable option for your requirements. Whether your needs call for a compact or spacious storage unit in Kelowna, rest assured, we have the perfect space just for you.

Flexible storage options

Whether you need storage for an extended period or just short term, we offer both monthly and annual rates to cater to your needs. You have the flexibility to scale your space up or down at any time, for any reason. Whether you’re downsizing, moving, or finally setting off on that much-anticipated backpacking journey, we have the storage solution for you.

Moving supplies available

We offer a wide range of moving supplies, including storage boxes, packaging materials, and locks for sale. Our storage experts are always ready to assist you in acquiring all your moving necessities when you call or visit us. Equip yourself with high-quality packing and moving supplies from us to guarantee a seamless move and appropriate storage for all your belongings.

Our friendly staff

Falcon Self Storage is a privately-owned enterprise, grounded in family values. We are dedicated to providing state-of-the-art storage facilities paired with top-notch customer service. Our welcoming and experienced staff excel in all aspects of storage, ready to assist you with your needs. We invite you to visit us and experience our services firsthand.

Frequently asked questions

We have 10 x 20 and 10 x 30 sized units located on the exterior of the building.

Our units are climate controlled using geothermal technology.

6:00 AM to 9:00 PM 7 days a week

Monday to Friday 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Saturday 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM
Closed Sunday and Statutory Holidays


I have dealt with multiple storage facilities in the Okanagan, Falcon Self Storage is, by far, the best storage company I have had the pleasure of using for my personal storage. Not only is the facility clean and extremely secure, the staff have excellent customer service and are all around just amazing people.


Thank you Falcon Self Storage! You have a great location, clean units, great access hours with a secure entrance, and it was so helpful to have the dolly’s available. It made the move so much easier. Highly recommend your storage facility.


I had to go away from Kelowna for 6 months and didn’t want to pay unnecessary rent, so I left my stuff at Self Storage with Falcon. Great service, easy, and convenient. Rates were reasonable; saved me money and hassle. Thanks!


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