Large Storage Lockers

Large Storage Lockers

Large Storage Lockers to Fit All Your Needs

Falcon Self Storage offers many different storage solutions in different sizes to meet your needs, including large storage lockers.

These large storage lockers can be perfect for those with recreational vehicles that they need to store away, families with an excess amount of items, wine collectors, business owners or business owner assistants and apartment/condo occupants.

Essentially, it is perfect for any extra storage that doesn’t fit in one’s home or office.

Benefits of Using Self Storage Lockers

1. Ease of Use

If you have work items or school-related things that you need to store away in their respective city, self-storage lockers can be your best friend. Instead of having to clutter your home full of materials that are for work or school, you can store it all away ready to be used whenever you please.

2. Organization

A proper storage facility translates to better organizational success, especially for businesses. Keeping important files and documents, as well as other stationary, is necessary for everyday operations.

3. Time Management

It’s easy to lose or misplace items, especially when your desk or home is cluttered with things that do not need to be there. Using a self-storage facility will aid with this as it gives you a spot to store all of your items. This helps with time management as you won’t have to spend your precious time looking for your items as they will be tucked away safely in a storage locker.

4. Cost Efficiency

Many people replace items when lost resulting in unnecessary money spent. With self-storage units, this grants the opportunity to always have your items in secure spots so that you do not have to spend money replacing items that you may have lost.

Features of Our Self-Storage Units

Door Size

These large storage lockers have roller doors that are 6 feet 9 inches high


The ceilings reach up to 10 feet tall.

Units from Exterior Building

We have 10 x 20 and 10 x 30 sized units located on the exterior of our building.

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