Temperature Controlled Storage

Temperature Controlled Storage

At Falcon Self Storage, we provide indoor geothermal storage with lockers that stay at a consistent temperature.

Our temperature-controlled storage keeps wine within the ideal temperature range providing customers with lasting peace of mind.

Some frequently asked questions about temperature-controlled storage are answered below.

Are the units heated?

Our units are climate-controlled using geothermal technology.

Some fun facts about geothermal technology are:

1. “Geothermal” comes from Greek words for Earth “geo” and heat “thermos.”

2. Geothermal pump systems can both heat and cool your home because of the insulating properties of Earth.

3. Geothermal technology can produce electricity

4. Geothermal is a renewable energy source

5. Using geothermal energy to heat and cool homes is the safest technique as it doesn’t involve any form of combustion offering a higher level of comfort.

What are the Benefits of Temperature-controlled Storage?

1.Defense from Extreme Temperatures

Temperatures can get really hot in the summer and freezing in the winter.

2. Amazing Air Quality

Climate-controlled storage facilities circulate the air continuously so the air remains clean.

3.Blockade from Dust and Debris

Temperature-controlled units are often placed inside buildings with insulated roofs, walls and floors. This means that these units are less susceptible to any flooding since they’re indoors, there isn’t a high chance of insects or rodents getting to your things.

What Storage Items Need Temperature-controlled Storage?

Sensitive items like wood furniture, antiques, musical instruments need temperature-controlled storage. This is due to the fact that they can suffer from cracking or splitting because of the constant change in temperature.

Furthermore, things like fine art, books or records can also be damaged as well.

What Temperature is Temperature-controlled Storage?

Temperature-controlled storage is kept at a constant temperature that is above freezing and below 26 degrees celsius.

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