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Temperature controlled storage in Kelowna

Falcon Self Storage is committed to providing you with indoor temperature controlled storage services at a professional level with superior technology that ensures that your belongings in our lockers stay at a consistent controlled temperature.

Temperature controlled storage is an extremely important factor when considering the maintenance of your belongings. Whether you are storing wine or other sensitive valuables, our units are always kept in the ideal temperature range, providing our customers with lasting peace of mind.

Advanced temperature controlled storage technology

At Falcon Self Storage, we pride ourselves on using geothermal technology to maintain a stable climate in our storage units.

Being a renewable form of energy, geothermal technology adapts to the heat of the Earth’s crust, which is unaffected by the extreme climate changes from season to season. This ensures a stable level of temperature year round.

Never worry about your belongings dropping into freezing temperatures during the winter months or suffering from extreme heat during the summer months.

Providing extra-protection for your valuables

While temperature controlled storage is great for anything you may want to store, it is especially important for the safe long-term storage of things like:

Fine wines

Books, magazines or photo albums

Upholstered furniture

Wooden furniture

Electronics and hi fi sound systems

Instruments and pianos

Pieces of art

It isn’t simply about the temperature

Temperature controlled storage moderates many other aspects including insulation, protection from potential water damage, external barrier protection from dust and pests, as well as humidity control. High humidity levels can allow excess moisture into the unit, causing the vapours to potentially damage sensitive valuables.

Our storage units are kept in conditions you could almost live in. You can trust Falcon Self Storage to live up to our high quality standards and our commitment to keeping your valuables safe from harm with our temperature controlled storage units.

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Accessible to everybody

Whether you are looking for a small storage unit or a large storage locker, or simply a storage unit that fits in your budget, rest assured that Falcon Self Storage will provide you with the best of the best. All of our storage units are temperature controlled, giving you one less thing to worry about.

Some frequently asked questions about temperature-controlled storage are answered below.

All of our storage units are temperature controlled using advanced geothermal technology.

Some fun facts about geothermal technology are:

  • “Geothermal” comes from Greek words for Earth “geo” and heat “thermos.”
  • Geothermal pump systems both heat and cool our storage units because of the insulating properties of Earth, maintaining a consistent temperature to protect your belongings.
  • Geothermal Energy is a renewable energy source, and is good for the environment.
  • Using geothermal energy to heat and cool our storage units is the safest technique as it doesn’t involve any form of combustion, which reduces the risk of disaster while ensuring a consistent controlled temperature inside each unit.

Defence from Extreme Temperatures: In a non temperature controlled storage unit the temperature inside the unit can get extremely high in the summer, and freezing in the winter, while your belongings may survive the brief exposure to the extremes, the rapid changes in temperature, or prolonged exposure can cause significant damage to your belongings.

Sensitive items like wood furniture, antiques, musical instruments need temperature-controlled storage. This is due to the fact that they can suffer from cracking or splitting from rapid or prolonged or frequent changes in temperature.

Furthermore, things like fine art, books or records can also be damaged as well if they are not stored in temperature and climate controlled storage units. Plus, enjoy access to your belongings in a comfortable environment all year-round.

Ensuring that the units remain in a stable temperature range throughout the year can dramatically increase the storage life of many sensitive items. A beautiful piece of furniture or an expensive musical instrument can be severely to irreparably damaged from incorrect storage practices, leading to expensive restorations or flat out loss in value. Avoid the hassle and worry by choosing an industry leading temperature controlled storage system with Falcon Self Storage.