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Large storage lockers in Kelowna

Here at Falcon Self Storage, we have a large array of locker sizes from small storage units starting at 5 by 5 feet up to a large storage lockers of 10 by 30 feet. We would be glad to discuss with you regarding what size locker is appropriate for your needs.

Our large storage lockers can be perfect for those with recreational vehicles that they need to store away, families with an excess amount of items, wine collectors, business owners or business owner assistants and apartment/condo occupants.

Essentially, they are perfect for extra storage for larger items that don’t fit in your home or office.

Our large storage lockers

Aside from the numerous sizes of small storage units and medium storage lockers, we offer a handful of different options for large storage lockers to accommodate your budget and the amount of space that you need.

Currently we offer large storage lockers in the following size formats:

Variety of uses for storage units

Our large storage lockers can be used for anything you need. This could include any inventory for a business you may be running, parking your recreational vehicles, or storing any particularly large pieces of equipment. Whatever you need to store, we are glad to be able to offer convenient large storage lockers for you.

Benefits of using self storage lockers

Ease of use

If you have large items or work equipment that you need to store away outside of your business or home, self-storage lockers can be your best friend. Instead of cluttering up your limited space in the office or at home, you can easily store it somewhere convenient to get when you need, while maintaining peace of mind about the security and protection of your belongings.

Organization and time management

It can be a challenge to efficiently organize your belongings in your limited space, which can lead to you losing or misplacing things. Free up space in your home or office by moving items to our convenient storage facility. Save time and money by knowing exactly where everything is and not trying to sort through a cluttered workspace or closet to find that one last thing.

Cost efficiency

Ever lost something in your house or workplace and after hours of searching just gave up and ordered a new one? Many people replace lost items and equipment which ends up wasting money that could have been better spent. With self-storage units, this grants the opportunity to always have your items in secure spots so that you do not have to spend money replacing items that you may have lost.

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Features of our self storage units

Door size

Our large storage lockers have roller doors that are 6’9” high and 8’ wide, allowing easy access for large equipment, vehicles or large items. Avoid storage jenga and do it the easy way with Falcon Self Storage.


The ceilings of our units are up to 10’ tall, allowing for convenient storage of larger items or equipment without worrying about having to store them on their side or on an angle.

Easy exterior access

We have 10 x 20 and 10 x 30 sized units located on the exterior of our building, allowing easy access via trailer or truck so that you can conveniently store large items, vehicles or equipment. With Falcon Self Storage you don’t need to worry about planning an elaborate scheme to get your items into your large storage locker.